Why I got a recumbent exercise


Something I have always loathed is exercising at a gym. I’ve tried my share of subscriptions and have, to some extent, given up on my fears of being seen and analyzed by people who are considerably fitter than I am. However, I have always returned to my old concerns and have barely managed to put them at bay.

This is the reason for which I eventually decided to set up my own gym at home. I quickly became interested in contact sports and bought a punching bag that I hung from the ceiling in my basement. Because I had no means of doing a low-impact cardiovascular activity, I started prospecting the market for a stationary bike.

I had a hard time deciding on an upright bike and a recumbent one as I failed to see any benefits in using the latter. Something I was particularly interested in was putting as little stress on my joints as possible, especially as I would do this when hitting the heavy bag. Recumbent bikes offer the benefit of the design. They allow you to rest in a correct body position despite what some people tend to think about them. Some people I have talked with about the matter would say that the fact that you’re sitting down and, to a certain degree, relaxing while working out, you can’t put in a real effort and work up a sweat.

In actuality, both of these stationary bicycles allow you to benefit from some advantages. In most cases, the seat of recumbent units is larger and therefore, much more comfortable compared to those boasted by upright alternatives. They’re gentle on the user’s joints and overall safer to use, even by people who are somewhat old. In fact, they are highly recommended for individuals who have to restrain when working out, mainly because they have suffered from some kind of accident or some other mishap.

The next matter to tackle is which of these alternatives allow you to burn more calories. In this case, you have to ask yourself whether your primary goal is to lose weight or get back in shape and define your muscles. The same weight loss potentials are ensured by both of the bikes, so you needn’t worry about anything. To achieve your fitness and exercising goals, you need to make an effort, and so you probably know that you have to work hard.

Something that has to be added is that, while I am entirely satisfied with the fact that I have chosen a recumbent bike instead of an upright one, I try to stick to my exercise routine as best as possible. I work out about four times a week, and that’s something admirable, in my opinion, especially as I was in such poor shape that I couldn’t do it more than once a week.


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This bamboo toilet paper helps you cut your carbon emissions



If there’s one thing I cannot and will never live without, it’s toilet paper. I always make sure to grab some when I go to the store, especially if I don’t have that much left at home. I’m sure the sentiment is shared by most of the people in the world, and so it might surprise you less when I say that every now and then, I take the time to research it.

I’ve grown fond of using high-quality toilet paper for quite a while now, and the reasons are many. On the one hand, it does a considerably better job than thinner ones or those that have fewer layers. On the other hand, I focus on whether or not the product I’m spending my cents on is truly eco-friendly.

In my ever-growing efforts to lead a meaningful life and have some degree of respect for the environment, I usually check the site Tree Hugger. That’s how I came to stumble upon an article describing a new type of product made out of bamboo. Tushy is one of those startups that actually live by the principle of treating all of the parts in your body as you would your face. No decent man or woman would want to affect his or her skin in any way, so you might want to be aware of the fact that loads and loads of chemical are used by manufacturers to turn toilet paper into something eye-catching and impregnated with a pleasant smell.

Normally, we should all switch to using a bidet instead of toilet paper, but that would be impossible. First, not everyone has enough room in their bathroom in order to install a bidet. Besides, Americans aren’t exactly accustomed to utilizing it, unlike the French, for example.

Although the quality appears to be undeniable, the product does disappoint in some respects. One of them is the color. Nobody wants to wipe his or her tushy with something that looks remotely dirty, and so the dark tan color of the toilet paper might be an inconvenience. Unless they do not have a vivid imagination, your kids might find the product less pleasing to look at.

The person who wrote a review about the Tushy bamboo toilet paper claims that he found it hard to understand whether or not using the product made him feel like he was wiping his butt with soft Panda fur. Of course, that was due to the fact that he hadn’t tried doing this and he most probably will never do that.

My take on all of this is that, just as we try to find the best toilets when we move into a new home as they can help us relax and get rid of some of our daily worries, we should do the same with toilet paper.