What is a raclette grill and other interesting facts about Swiss cuisine


Food is something that is interesting not only to food lovers and gourmands but to the ordinary people as well. We’re always looking for the most delicious recipes, and for the best ways to cook our food. And the latest trends in cooking and kitchen appliances are gravitating towards the notion of healthy living.

And a device that can ensure the food you’re preparing is both delicious and healthy is a raclette grill. It was made popular by the incredibly rich Swiss cuisine, but it is starting to infiltrate the mainstream and to be part of every household that respects itself.

This type of product is an item with a non-adhesive surface that is constructed from two components. A top part that is mostly a grill on which you can cook different types of foods without needing oil, and sometimes it even has patterns and all types of pockets so you can organize the ingredients however you want.

The bottom part consists of a warming plate, which comes with the so-called “coupelles” which are perfect for melting cheese for the traditional Swiss meal raclette. The cheese is used as a base, which you can add on other ingredients to create amazing blends that feel like an explosion of pleasure for your taste buds.

The Swiss cuisine uses cheese and dairy products in many ways and many recipes. Switzerland is a huge dairy producer, and the variety you can find there, you can’t find anywhere else in the world. And they sure adore their traditional raclette and fondue, two types of cheese based foods that seem to have conquered the world.

Another cool thing about the Swiss is that they are great chocolate enthusiasts, just like Belgians. And the chocolate made there has the stamp of quality and is often considered a luxurious gift by many. And they export so many flavors, which you would think they don’t sound good, but once you get to taste them, you find yourself craving for more. An example is a sea-salt flavored chocolate, that is becoming increasingly popular.

The cuisine in this region is inspired by many of their neighbors, as Switzerland is one of the most diverse countries in the European continent. So when you think about their food think also about the Italian one with all its pasta, of the French one and all of its great wines, and of course, think about the Germanic food and their love for potatoes.

In order to cook like a Swiss and to make sure you live a healthy lifestyle, the trends suggest that a raclette grill shouldn’t miss from your kitchen. So now you know what their dishes are all about, and all you have to do is try them out and impress your family with them.